Eirini Olive Oil
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Wednesday, 26 June 2013 14:26
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 We Kalabokas family from Plomari Mitilini Greece, produce and promote our own biological ilive oil, from 2008, with annual production more than 10 tons. With almost 10.000 mountainous olive roots, with the support of our big family, without any economical help from the government, we managed in e few years to win many international and native awards and prominences, among them Biol in Italy and MariosSolinas in Spain.

Our love for biological cultivation and our passion helped us to move on. When in 1996 we bought the farms, everyone was calling us daring because they were rough and difficult to reach. A few years after, our product is produced from the same ground has all the criterias for the category ''BeyondExtraVirgin'', a distinction that we distracted in an international competition in California. Having to face many problems in the native market, we export most of our production to European and Asian countries, like Denmark, Norway and Japan.

Nick Kolabokas during his award ceremony said: '' With respect, patience and love we've compined the biodiversity of our land with the quality of the biological cultivation of olive trees, aiming at the production of the same olive oil our grandmother Irene used to produce. The bottle contains not only the olive oil but also our love and affection.''



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